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The Best of Both Worlds

Posted on July 23rd, 2011 by julie

New Treatment in honor of my new office! I’ve named my new treatment “Best of Both Worlds.”

Enjoy a rejuvenating Swedish full body massage and a full treatment of Manual Lymph Drainage for head and neck. Relax your stressed, achy muscles and add a lymphatic facial treatment which clears sinuses & reduces puffiness, and clears your skin.

I have extended the length of this treatment to 75 minutes so that you have plenty of time to receive the benefits that Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) has to offer. Almost a third of our lymph nodes are in our neck area… so this is a perfect treatment focusing on this area.

For those of you new to MLD, I have listed some of the many benefits:

  • improves action of immune system, aids in fluid lymph flow which helps us to remove toxins in our body
  • reduces pain and stimulates healing
  • helps reduce swelling
  • helps reduce acne
  • decreases puffyness
  • encourages collagen formation which is what our skin looses due to the aging process and the environment ( loss of elasticity)
  • facial post plastic surgery- decreases swelling, bruising and pain…decreases healing time
  • sinusitis and stuffy noses- MLD removes excess fluid, decreases congestion and allows your sinus to work properly
  • improves earaches and some good results with tinitus

Wow…there are so many more wonderful things that MLD does… can you tell that I am a so excited to bring you this treatment. This is a common practice in Europe since it’s invention in the 1930′s…but we have not had the benefit of it until it was brought here in the 70′s!

Experience this wonderful treatment and feel for yourself…