Spring Forward to Mother’s Day and Allergies!

Posted on May 5th, 2014 by julie

Welcome to Spring at Flow Therapies

I always enjoy offering information but it is wonderful when I can combine it with an effective treatment, as I have with the “Spring Allergy Special”. I hope you enjoy the information and the specials that follow…

Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day this weekend! I have created a new treatment combination in the “Mother’s Day Special”… but don’t worry, you can buy one for yourself !

༺༺༺༺ It’s Allergy Season ༺༺༺༺

Sneezing, coughing and wheezing, along with itchy eyes, fuzzy heads and runny noses force many people to rely on antihistamines or simply suffering. Sound familiar?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can relieve or ease many allergy symptoms. It allows the body’s own healing system to do what it is intended to do, MLD stimulates the circulation of fluid through lymph nodes. After suffering from sinus infections, MLD can remove much of the congestive material from around the facial area by increasing the effectiveness of your lymph system.
The gentle, rhythmic techniques of MLD stimulates the contraction of lymph vessels, encouraging the natural flow of lymph fluid. The enhanced lymph fluid movement helps to quickly decongest the connective tissue and a decrease in all those annoying symptoms.Face Lymph picture

Stop sniffling and feeling so congested that you can’t breathe… While I can’t stop your allergies altogether, I can help with many of these symptoms… ( MLD helps increase the effectiveness of your immune system).

༺༺༺༺ Spring Allergy Treatment! ༺༺༺༺

An individualized treatment combining a 45 min. full body massage and 30 min. Manual Lymph Drainage to the head and neck…Feels like pure luxury but is essential to your health and relaxation. The great thing about this treatment is that you don’t have to have allergies to try it!

Start out with this full 75 min. treatment (and then choose to follow up once or twice a week 30 min. sessions to keep your sinuses flowing… It could work for you!).

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༺༺༺ Mother’s Day Special ༺༺༺
You don’t need to be a Mother to enjoy this special treatment!

If you know a woman (including yourself) who could use a mini vacation, benefit from luxurious and healing relaxation or get powerful relief from sore, overworked muscles…then this is the treatment for you!

I will create the massage specifically for one’s needs and include a divine foot scrub!

The Mother’s Day Special features a ONE hour massage, followed by a “feet treat”.
Using an essential oil infused sugar scrub exfoliation, warm towels and ends with the deep hydration of shea butter. Custom blends… chocolate, citrus or lavender/peppermint…

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